Amazing Colours of Mljet

How does it feel - to have the whole Paradise for yourself?


A Step to the Wilderness

The Croatian coast is a gift that keeps on giving! Just when you thought for a moment that you saw it all – the country rolls out a bunch of new exciting locations that just scream „Discover!“.


What are people’s favourite day trips from Dubrovnik?!

People visiting Dubrovnik like to visit neighbouring countries, that’s a fact! We have been taking them on wonderful trips in Dubrovnik region since 2007.


Konoba Dubrava in Jamie Oliver magazine

Jamie Oliver’s magazine and website has featured the wonders of Dubrovnik in its latest issue. The full page article discusses the beauty of Dubrovnik and of course includes a piece about Dubrovnik’s cuisine.


When a walk isn’t just a walk

So the basic idea is walking up and down aimlessly. Doesn’t really seem that hard or even that interesting but the Đir in Dubrovnik is a very important part of everyday life.


Celebrity season opens in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is well and truly on the map for the world’s celebrities. Every year more and more A list stars decide to spend their summer holidays in the city and this is no different.


Perfect solution for avoiding the traffic jam and tourist crowds in Dubrovnik

This is a perfect solution if you want to avoid the traffic jam and tourist crowds in the Old City; these beautiful locations will sweep of you of your feet


Liza Heralds visited Montenegro From Dubrovnik with Adriatic Explore

Liza Herlands, recently visited Montenegro with Adriatic Explore. She was fascinated with what she discovered there.