Hidden Dalmatian Gem

Elafiti are a group of islands located west of Dubrovnik.

Top Croatian National Parks to Visit on Your Next Trip

Croatia is blessed with an abundance of national parks, each magical in their own right and showcasing different aspects of the country's natural beauty

How to Have the Best Romantic Boat Trip in Dubrovnik

Planning a romantic getaway on the Elafites is easy! No matter which of the islands you choose, you will have a chance to spend quality time together.

Top Activities for Adventure Lovers Visiting Croatia

If you are looking for some mind blowing fun, check out these top activities for adventure junkies in Croatia

Croatian Islands – Where to Go and Why

The entire coastline of Croatia comprises numerous islands. In fact, they go beyond 1,000, stretching from Istria to Dubrovnik, across the Adriatic Sea.

Dubrovnik: The Joy of Food

Dubrovnik is famous for its eclectic cuisine and fantastic delicacies!

Top 10 Creative Photo Stops in Dubrovnik

It's not a secret that most of us simply love taking pictures while on holidays to show our friends and family after returning home, not to mention posting them on social media.

The Most Wanted Dubrovnik Island in 2021

The island of Mljet is recognised as one of the best places in the Dubrovnik area all thanks to its pristine spectacular nature, fantastic coastline, and a great variety of adventure activities available.

Korčula: A Story of an Island

Korčula is one of very few islands in the Mediterranean which successfully retains its authentic vibe and this is definitely the reason why it is such a popular place to visit from Dubrovnik.

Travel Back in Time: Koločep

Small, cosy and isolated islands within the vicinity of the Pearl of the Adriatic are considered by many as a much safer place to be than the city itself.

Dubrovnik Travel Trends 2021

Most of us haven't travelled in a long time and haven't been happy because of that for a long time! We've all had a rubbish year, let's be honest, but as summer time gets closer, some actual trends for the season 2021 keep emerging.

10 Things to See and Do in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik might be small, but it's just packed with eye-catching attractions: pretty coastal settlements overlooking the royal blue Adriatic Sea, lovely islands with swanky beaches, nice and shady promenades with plenty of coffee shops.

The Most Mysterious Island of Dubrovnik

What’s defined Dubrovnik more than anything? Besides it stunning Old Town, of curse. Definitely its gorgeous coastline and attractive islands.

Dubrovnik: Unforgettable Destination

Spending several days in Dubrovnik is totally worth a shot even in the winter.

How to Make the Best Of Your Speedboat Tour: Travel Essentials

Just imagine, it's beautiful summer weather and you are enjoying Dubrovnik from the sea with the help of your personal skipper.

The Best Area to Stay in Dubrovnik Is…

Which area should you choose in Dubrovnik? Naturally everybody visiting a certain place for the first time wants to stay super close to the main attractions but at the same time enjoy a comfortable stay.

Dubrovnik: Things to Do in 2021

Dubrovnk and around is all about going out and exploring on your own, spending as much time outdoors as possible.

Advent and Winter Holidays in Dubrovnik

In terms of Advent atmosphere and Christmas magic Dubrovnik is a relatively new destination. But countlesss events, spectacles, celebrations and concerts won't leave any one bored!

Konavle: Rural Beauty, Croatian Style

Enjoy the rural simplicity and take part of the laid back village life, stroll along cobblestone streets, surrounded by olive groves, dine in small traditional restaurants and attend the famous folklore show.

Dubrovnik - Best Tips for Hiking and Strolling

Travelling to Dubrovnik in November will definitely help you to forget that winter is just around the corner.

Neretva Valley: Croatia's Answer to California

The Neretva valley – a collectivity of smaller and bigger settlements squeezed between the mountains.

Župa Dubrovačka – an Elegant Subburb of Dubrovnik

Župa Dubrvačka is one of the most visited places outside the city of Dubrovnik, which boasts attractive beaches, spectacular mountainous terrain, lush vegetation and traditional stone houses.

Lopud: A Sun-Kissed Island

The gorgeous islands around Dubrovnik became attractive in 2020 more than ever before

Discover Slano: Dubrovnik's Most Relaxing Destination

Go deeper into the rural hinterland by visting Slano - one of the most popular holiday towns near Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik: The Magical Setting of Tresteno Arboretum

Hunting down some romantic places around Dubrovnik?

The Ancient Charms of Cavtat

For the travellers who are looking for the next „perfect escape“ destination, the Dubrovnik region, despite being such a crowded place, has got plenty of great solutions!

Mount Srđ: An Overhyped Atraction… but Don't Give It a Miss!

If you don't have much time to go deeper into the local lifestyle and explore some hidden gems around Dubrovnik – at least add some adventure to your Dubrovnik experience by paying a visit to the famous Mount Srđ!

Pelješac: A Perfect Summer Day outside Dubrovnik

It's hard to find a better hideaway around Dubrovnik to be in harmony with nature, than the Peljesac penninsula.

Šipanska Luka - Dubrovnik Upper Class Style Holiday

Fancy a holiday with style? Choose one of our modern speedboats and ask your skipper to take you to Šipanska Luka.

Ston and Mali Ston - The Heaven of Delicacies

Once the second most important town in the prosperous Dubrovnik Republic, now a small settlement with just above 2000 people, Ston, together with it's smaller brother Mali Ston, is totally worth a visit!

Amazing Colours of Mljet

How does it feel - to have the whole Paradise for yourself?

A Step to the Wilderness

The Croatian coast is a gift that keeps on giving! Just when you thought for a moment that you saw it all – the country rolls out a bunch of new exciting locations that just scream „Discover!“.

Best Day Trips from Dubrovnik

People visiting Dubrovnik like to visit neighbouring countries, that’s a fact! We have been taking them on wonderful trips in Dubrovnik region since 2007.

Konoba Dubrava in Jamie Oliver Magazine

Jamie Oliver’s magazine and website has featured the wonders of Dubrovnik in its latest issue. The full page article discusses the beauty of Dubrovnik and of course includes a piece about Dubrovnik’s cuisine.

When a Walk Isn’t Just a Walk

So the basic idea is walking up and down aimlessly. Doesn’t really seem that hard or even that interesting but the Đir in Dubrovnik is a very important part of everyday life.

Celebrity Season Opens in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is well and truly on the map for the world’s celebrities. Every year more and more A list stars decide to spend their summer holidays in the city and this is no different.

Avoiding the Traffic Jam and Tourist Crowds in Dubrovnik

This is a perfect solution if you want to avoid the traffic jam and tourist crowds in the Old City; these beautiful locations will sweep of you of your feet

Liza Heralds Visited Montenegro from Dubrovnik with Adriatic Explore

Liza Herlands, recently visited Montenegro with Adriatic Explore. She was fascinated with what she discovered there.