The island of Mljet is recognised as one of the best places in the Dubrovnik area all thanks to its pristine spectacular nature, fantastic coastline, and a great variety of adventure activities available. Thousands of travellers from all over the globe are drawn to this remote island and it looks like this trend is going to explode in 2021, so let's have a look at how you can entertain yourself if you have a whole day to spend on this island of astonishing diversity.

  1. The absolute majority of visitors come to Mljet for the National Park. At your disposal: lush Mediterranean vegetation, two lakes with salt water - Veliko and Malo Jezero (Large and Small Lake) with the lovely island of St. Mary located right in the middle of Veliko jezero. The small island is connected with 2 piers with regular boats. The boat ride to the island will become one of the most spectacular experience from Mljet! The lakes are encircled by well-marked paths, you can cycle or stroll along the pleasant, shaded footpaths. Swimming in the lakes is very enjoyable too. Thanks to the main entrance to the National Park, the village of Pomena is definitely the one with the most developed touristic infrastructure on the island. So for those, yearning for a somewhat bigger choice of cafes and restaurants, but wishing to stay close to the National Park, this will be the best option. The National Parks is open already awaiting its first visitors in 2021.

  1. Speaking of strolling. Don't forget to enjoy the sublime opportunities for hiking if you are staying on Mljet for a couple of days and want to make the best of the breathtaking landscapes the island has to offer. Mljet hiking trail was launched in 2012 for all active nature lovers. The trail twist and turn across the stunning landscape of lakes, mysterious forests and villages. It's 43 km long and the entire route can be done in 3-4 days, depending on how fit and determined you are. The green hills and the thick Mljet forest look especially spectacular at sunrise. The entire trail is very well marked, and there are plenty of routes to consider within this trail - you don’t necessarily need to hike very far: the shortest and the most popular route is probably the one from Pomena to Goveđari (takes about 5 hours).

  1. The Ulisses cave. Perfect for all adventurers who will totally love this natural phenomenon. A very much raved about attraction which is in fact quite far from the main touristy spots on Mljet, located near the village of Babino Polje. But if you are really keen on seeing this incredibly popular spot, why not give it a go. You can visit it by sea or by foot. If you are renting any of our speedboats, you definitely have a privilege to cover several highlights within the island so ask you skipper to make a short stop there and swim into this beautiful cave, which got its name after the legendary Ulisses who was allegedly shipwrecked near it.

  1. The beaches. Mljet is remote enough to enjoy the privacy and big enough to choose from several attractive beaches. If you happen to visit the National park and only stick to the village of Pomena – walk a bit further along the waterfront to hotel Odyssey. For a really gorgeous sandy beach head to the settlement called Saplunara, located at the southeastern tip of the island. Due to its location away from the National park, the bay is very much peaceful even in high season. But the real treat is going to be the nearby Limuni sandy beach nesteled on a secluded bay away from the main crowd, crowned by pine trees which create enough natural shade.

To sum up, this iconic island with just 1000 inhabitants has always served as inspiration for many travellers. This is going to be by far one of the most exciting travel experiences regardless whether you are going to spend there just a day or your entire stay in Dubrovnik.