The entire coastline of Croatia comprises numerous islands. In fact, they go beyond 1,000, stretching from Istria to Dubrovnik, across the Adriatic Sea. Obviously, you cannot visit every single one of them, unless you choose to live in Croatia itself. Therefore, you must decide to visit just a few of the most popular ones.


You cannot avoid including a UNESCO World Heritage site (declared so, in 1979) in your list! You may approach it via a cruise ship that begins its island hopping from the Dalmatian Coast. Split is a port city, which offers a blend of the traditional and the contemporary. Naturally, the atmosphere and culture are wonderfully fascinating, displaying architectural marvels, and slices of Ancient History all over! The Diocletian’s Palace came into being during the fourth century. The museum has a storehouse of relics dating back to Roman times. People still live in some parts of it, and there are lively restaurants on the ground floor.


Despite encountering an earthquake in 1667, this island (lining the Dalmatian Coast) hung on to its monasteries, churches, fountains, palaces, etc. These establishments display architecture from the Gothic, Baroque, and Renaissance times. Therefore, UNESCO denoted it as a World Heritage Site. In fact, it became the victim of armed conflict in the 1990s. Therefore, UNESCO has undertaken the task of restoring it to its former glory. The limestone streets exhibit a quaint look. The architecture has not taken note of modern ideas, but remained distinctly and beautifully medieval. Terracotta comes into play for the rooftops of buildings. It is possible to view the majestic city and the coastline via a cable car. Thus, this island city is the ‘jewel of the Adriatic Sea’.


This untouched paradise lies near both Dubrovnik, and Split. If you adore history and architecture, this place is for you! There are numerous churches, all displaying the artistry of the 15th and 16 th century architects. Similarly, plenty of houses date back to the Renaissance. The chimneys are unique too, for they appear to be mini-minarets. This is surprising, since Arabs and Turks have never influenced Croatians via their ideas. If you are on this island at the right time, you might witness the annual carnival. Everyone dons a folk costume, and you might wear one too! Finally, do not forget to visit the stunning nature parks around the place.


One part of it is the right place to party, for the nightlife attractions are glorious indeed! Gorge on gourmet meals, enjoy drinking your favorite cocktails, and dance the night away at dance bars. The other part is ideal for families to take a break from day-to-day routines. The coves sparkle, and the lavender fields give off sweet fragrances. Then again, the beaches are pristine in appearance, permitting swimming and relaxation. Hvar boasts of an Old Town, a perfect exhibition of Venetian architecture. If you love hiking, you might tackle the hills at Fortica. The highlight is Stari Grad (UNESCO listed), which you may find at the end of a lengthy bay. The Greeks found this oldest town of Hvar Island, in 384 B.C.


You may reach this large island via Split. The place is full of fig trees, and rolling hills. Do not forget to climb the highest mountain on this island – Vidova Gora Mountain. The peak offers magnificent, panoramic views of the Adriatic Sea and the islands nestling within it. Another place worth visiting is the Blaca Hermitage in the south. It is more than a monastery. It houses numerous artifacts, over 8,000 books, a telescope, armor, different kinds of paintings, and a piano.

You may also visit one of the best beaches in the European continent – Zlatni Rat Beach. The sand is golden in color, and has the unique quality of changing shape in alignment with the movements of the tides. It belongs to the small fishing village of Bol. Conditions are ideal for swimming, and windsurfing.

The above-mentioned are just a few of the splendid spots that you must visit when you are in Croatia. However, other islands worth touring include Makarska Riviera, Korcula, Mljet, Vis, Susak, Brijuni, Cres, Dugi Otok, KrK, Kornati, Mali Iz, Losinj, Zlarin, Rab. Pag, Murter, Silba, and Solta.

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