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Elafiti are a group of islands located west of Dubrovnik. Elafiti consists of a large number of reefs and cliffs and eight islands and five islets, of which only three are inhabited - Šipan, Koločep and Lopud. Its beautiful landscapes and sandy beaches attract many tourists, so you should not miss visiting them when visiting Dubrovnik. On the three largest islands you will find many churches, chapels and summer houses of the Dubrovnik nobility, and they are daily connected by boat lines from Dubrovnik .


Sipan is the largest island of Elafiti, and also the furthest from Dubrovnik. There are two settlements on it, Šipanska Luka and Suđurađ, located in two opposite bays divided only by the field. With quiet coves and beautiful beaches, full of old buildings scattered on wooded slopes and with a long history intertwined with many stories, Šipan is one of the pearls of the Dubrovnik region.


The green island of Kolocep is the closest to Dubrovnik, which is why it is one of the favorite picnic spots for the people of Dubrovnik. Its subtropical vegetation, fresh sea air, pine forests and olive trees make it extremely attractive. Kolocep is special in many ways. It is the southernmost Croatian inhabited island and is one of the few (if not the only) Adriatic island that has two names. Namely, the local population exclusively uses the name Kalamota.

In its two largest bays are the settlements of Gornje and Donje Čelo, which are connected by a path wide enough for pedestrians, but not for vehicles. Numerous remains of old architecture have been preserved on the entire island, from churches, summer houses, and watchtowers. To the east and west it is overgrown with dense pine forest that descends all the way to the sea rocks, while it's clear sea abounds in fish and shellfish.


Between Koločep and Šipan lies Lopud, an island of beautiful sandy beaches. It is one of the most developed islands in the Dubrovnik archipelago. It has 220 inhabitants and no cars. The village of Lopud is located on the northwest side of the island and has a view of Sipan. The boat will take you from Dubrovnik to the village from where you can walk to the bay Šunj on the other side of the island which hides a beautiful beach with white sand.

Just like the other two islands, Lopud is rich in cultural heritage. Churches, summer houses, fortresses and monasteries rich in valuable works of art are scattered everywhere. In addition to beautiful beaches, Lopud abounds in lush vegetation and boasts beautiful gardens and parks.