Good pictures are absolutely essential for keeping great memories from your vacation! It's not a secret that most of us simply love taking pictures while on holidays to show our friends and family after returning home, not to mention posting them on social media. How to make real keepers while in Dubrovnik and impress everone with creative and cool photographs? Event the most popular and beaten attractions don't necessary have to be boring once you choose the right angle or discover an interesting detail in them.

The glorious ancient history of Dubrovnik is in the waterfront stone old town, Stari Grad, where marble streets and massive walls jut out of crystalline waters of the Adriatic. Views from the city walls which can be walked around are unparalleled, but try to get there early in the morning or closer to the sunset in order to catch the slightly unusual colours of the sea and the stone facades. All the famous historical buildings will look much more surprising if shot from a small side street or out of the window of another building. And don't forget one of the most hyped locations - the Buza bar located right on the cliffs on the outer side of the city walls facing the sea. Give it a go!

No visit to a coastal town feels complete without a decent swimming picture. There are plenty of gorgeous beaches all over Dubrovnik area that are perfect for all kinds of photography, both professional and amateur. The azure waters of the Adriatic sea look great on and under the surface alike, so in case you own a smartphone with aqua protection, try some underwater shots as well. The Banje beach is the one which is the most overrated since it's so close to the Old town, but try other beaches as well. If you still want to stick as close to the city walls as possible, defintitely check out Sv. Jakov beach – it's much more impressive in terms of taking pictures.

The entire Dubrovnik region boasts absolutely charming nature, so if you are hunting down some great lesser-known spots for excellent shots go for the 6 views of Dubrovnik tour which will allow you to cover several lovely highlights in one go. The Ombla river, for example, forms the largest source of freshwater in Dubrovnik, but it's also extremely picturesque! Mount Srđ on the other hand, is definitely the most popular view point in Dubrovnik providing the vast panorama of the Old town and the islands. But on your way to Srđ you can also stop near Bosanka to enjoy the impressive views of the segment of the Dinaric Alps – the stunning beauty that often goes overlooked by Dubrovnik visitors.

And last but not least – the Big Bridge just outside the port area. You cannot see the Old city from there, but you will have a chance to catch the life of the busy Dubrovnik harbour observing big and small ships arriving and departing the Pearl of the Adriatic.