It's pretty obvious that exploring regional gastronomic traditions is enevitable when going on holidays. Being an essential part of any trip, the culinary adventure is one of the most enjoybale ways to experience the destination. Dubrovnik is famous for its eclectic cuisine and fantastic delicacies! So if you are a great foodie and don't mind a really substantial meal with loads of calories, don't miss a typical Dalmatian konoba on Mt. Bosanka. Konoba simply means a local tavern and it represents the most authentic the region has to offer!

Visiting Bosanka is a great way to escape hords of tourists in the old town and packed restaurants all over the city's narrow streets. The tavern is located in a nice secluded place up in the mountains right above the town. Immerse yourself in the destination cuisines, discover the best of the traditional cuisine that the tavern proundly brings back.

All the ingredients are simple and fresh without unnecessary sauses or additional spices. The food is non-processed and healthy. Thanks to the long time of preparing, the meat turns out tender and juicy. Your taste buds will love it since this is something that you probably haven't really tried before. The main specialty of the restaurant are dishes under the iron bell covered with coals known as Dalmatian Peka (lamb, pork, veal and even turkey with potatoes) - one of the oldest and healthiest ways of food preparation that undoubtedly shows extraordinary culinary creativity of the local people. Requires lots of patience since it takes about 2 hours for the food to be ready so make sure to book in good time! For everybody passionate about meet that will be a real binge! Seafood lovers on the other hand will definitely enjoy octopus under the bell. And don't forget a slice of delicious home made bread prepared the same way. Pair your meal with a glass of fantastic Croatian wine to wash it down. And don't miss the opportunity to try domestic liqueur made of cherries or herbs.

If you don't mind some walking, you can take the cable car to mount Srđ first and then walk some 20 minutes down to the tavern. But we actually have a much better idea for you: in order to organise your everning in the best possible way we will collect you from your place and take you to Srđ sunset panorama by car first so that you have some time to discover the beauty of Dubrovnik's old town and the magical archipelago while the sun goes down. The picturesque settings of Mt. Srđ will be followed by a lovely dinner in konoba where you will be surrounded by warm rustic atmosphere of a traditional Dalmatian home.