The Croatian coast is a gift that keeps on giving! Just when you thought for a moment that you saw it all – the country rolls out a bunch of new exciting locations that just scream „Discover!“. Thanks to 2000 km of spectacular coastline, sprinkled with hundreds of islands, every one has a chance to get off the beaten path and explore the best remote escapes of Croatia's impressive part of the Adriatic.

Tucked into Croatia’s southernmost corner is the town of Dubrovnik – the country's famous architectural jewel and an upmarket resort. Today most of us have already got used to Dubrovnik's slightly poshy attitude: luxurious glittering yachts, fancy restaurants, chic boutiques and world celebrities, strutting down the main street Stradun, make your head go round.

But even inside such a heavily-hyped top-class resort there is still a chance to find the perfect private getaway.

Fancy a real lonely pilgrimage away from hustle and bustle of the Old town and busy bar-backed beaches? Treat yourself to a comfortable speedboat ride into the untouched, mysterious part of Dubrovnik's island world - ideal for a group of friends or family members. Break your travel routine and ask your skipper to get you to the Beach Olipa, dramatically nestled in the Peljesac penninsula outer corner, right opposite the island of Mljet. This will be one of the best swims you'be ever had! Squeezed inside a spectacular sandy lagoona with a backdrop of pine-cloaked hills, the spot is located next to the uninhabited rocky Olipa island – a much less known part of the otherwise extremely popular Elafiti archipelago, which hardly gets any visitors at all. Known for a big lighthouse from the end of the 19th century, this abandoned place still keeps its genuine charm.

Only several decades ago the island of Olipa used to be a „summer residence“ for the lighhouse family, where they used to spend several carefree months fully immersed in rough but dramatic nature of the tiny sleepy islet.

On your way back don't miss a proper Mediterranean meal in one of the seafront restaurants. For this purpose you will need to make a stop on a much livelier island like Lopud or Šipan – both are very much loved by locals and visitors alike, but still they present the perfect opportunity to experience the genuine Mediterranean spirit, away from the mainstream tourism. A great choice if you want to turn your holiday tempo down a little bit.