Fancy a holiday with style? Choose one of our modern speedboats and ask your skipper to take you to Šipanska Luka – a real jewel in the collection of Dubrovnik archipelago settlements. A visit to this remote place will create wonderful memories and will help you learn more about the island of Šipan and its culture.

The hilly and greenish Šipan is the largest of the three inhabited Elafiti islands and is a bit more rural, authentic and laid back than it's more fashionable brother – Lopud, and definitely not so overcrowded with tourists.

The Elafites used to be an important part of the prosperous Dubrovnik Republic and a very popular summer escape for the Dubrovnik nobility – the walled villa of the sixteenth-century Dubrovnik ship owner Vice Skocibuha in Suđurađ, the main harbour on Šipan, is the best example.
Šipanska Luka, on the other hand, is a more remote settlement, hidden in a deep lagoon, away from big cruise ships and packed tourist boats. From the sea its harbour is also protected by the small satellite island of Jakljan – it's a place where locals grow olives and grapes. At the same time, lots of lush green vegetation and the cooling wind coming from the sea will make you feel so much better on a hot summer day.

If you are arriving to the island's main port Suđurađ and the weather is ok, definitely go for for the scenic 7 km crossing to Šipanska Luka, this will be one of the most pleasant walks in your life! The bucolic landscape is just incredbile, with intense green hilly side, vineyards, olive groves and some signature Mediterranean style stone houses.

Once a small fishing village, nowadays a charming holiday destination Šipanska Luka can even boast some remains of old Roman villas – a clear indication that the place was populated very long time ago. Šipanska Luka has got a small cozy hotel right on the waterfront: no luxury or excessive facilities - just perfect for a relaxing getaway. For those looking for some peace and quiet travelling on a yacht or sailing boat, Šipanska Luka is a must!

In addition to that Šipanska Luka offers a great gastronomic experience, supporting small local farmers and fishermen. All thanks to its fertile land Šipan was always known as „the golden island“: local people still produce high quality olives, grapes, oranges and figs. Fishing has always been big in Sipanska luka – no wonder local fish restaurants are so popular.

Captivating island-style atmosphere coupled with exceptional privacy and peaceful environment will make you fall in love with this place!