Exploring the world outdoors makes us happier and healthier. As many of our summer travel plans have been put on hold, we are still dreaming of amazing getaways. It's hard to find a better hideaway around Dubrovnik to be in harmony with nature, than the Peljesac penninsula. The landscape of this place is just stunning and the whole area is sprinkled with small picturesque settlements, both on the coast and in the hinterland. They represent cultural vibrancy of Pelješac and the old way of life which has been lived for hundreds of years by the local people of this wine-producing area.

A couple of impressive beaches can be found in places slike Prapratno, Orebić and Trstenik. Mostly pebble beaches, quite long and wide according to Dubrovnik standards. Spend a day embracing glorious views of the penninsula, its wild rocky beauty and vineyards, in a truly romantic and magical setting. Believe it or not, but in a place called Viganj, located further up north, there is even a windsurfing school! So this sun-filled slim finger of land called Pelješac has it all!

Though this place still keeps a „low profile“ in mass tourism, it's one of the most dedicated to wine regions in Croatia. A visit to Peljesac will make you fully immersed in the bucolic life of local families and will maybe even let you experience the wine harvest season if you come in September. The most famous red wine from Peljesac is called Dingač: a real masterpiece in the world of wines, with its signature strong taste and aroma. The elite grapes for Dingač are grown on the steep sun-kissed slopes facing the Adriatic sea: it gives the grapes a high concentration of sugar and as a result a well balanced and rich taste to the wine.

During the wine tasting ritual in region's best known wineries you will learn some history of wine making in Peljesac, witness the traditional way of wine aging in oak barrels, and enjoy a complimentary tasting of local wines and brandies with the help of a wine expert / host. Real winemaker's hands will always be purple-stained from crushing or harvesting grapes, so don't judge: that simply means that your host really loves wine and everything about it!

To make your day complete - savor the authentic local specialties in a fine dining atmosphere in Ston, while enjoying the view over the bay of Mali Ston with its oysterbeds. Ston is located on a narrow isthmus which connects the Pelješac penninsula to the mainland. A bottle of local wine taken home fom Pelješac will be the best reminder of the charms of this idyllic region.