You might've never heard of Lokrum, but you should absolutely give it a try. What’s defined Dubrovnik more than anything? Besides it stunning Old Town, of curse. Definitely its gorgeous coastline and attractive islands.

The wooded island of Lokrum is the one located closest to Dubrovnik, facing the area called Ploče. The rocky beaches, the trees, and the shade under the trees… And lots of peacocks walking around free contribute to Lokrum's bohemian and slightly exotic appeal.

Thousands of people take a trip to Lokrum every day, including locals. They literally scatter along its impressive coastline, so you can always find your very own spot for taking a break from the city. It's just a great place to take a nice and long swim in the sea. If you are fit enough to take an intense kayak tour along this lovely islet – just go for it! It looks fantastic while you paddle just outside the iconic city walls of Dubrovnik. To enhance your Lokrum experience and to explore the most popular waterways of Dubrovnik get a speedboat tour. Don't forget to get an entrance ticket if you are planning to get off on the island. You will totally enjoy the lovely botanical garden with peacocks, or maybe you are keen on visiting the old Benedictine monastery or relax on the famous naturist beach on the island's southeast tip, which you can reach directly by the speedboat. A walk to the tiny Dead sea (a salt lake) might be a great experience too so whatever the reason, Lokrum is full of surprises.

Lokrum has a unique reputation among all Croatian islands, as a place full of legends and all kinds of superstitions. They say Richard the Lionheart was once shipwrecked here. Another legend is closely related to the Benedictines who established a monastery on Lokrum already in the Middle Ages. They were forced to leave the island in the 19th century and thus decided to cast a spell saying that everyone who would try to take over Lokrum or spend a night there was destined to die soon. The curse was reported to work pretty well, the best known example is Maximilian von Habsburg, who transformed the former Benedictine monestary into his summer residence and soon was executed by the Mexican insurgents.

They say some local boys used to have a wierd competition, in order to find out who was tough and brave enough to spend a whole night there. You were supposed to simply miss the last boat back to the mainland and stay over night. And then wait and see if the curse found you.

Whether all these lagends are true or not – doesn't really matter, since they are an important part of the local heritage. This little chaming island remains a great mystery, even to the citizens so they never actually get bored of it.