Most short visits to Dubrovnik are inevitably focused on the Old Town. If you don't have much time to go deeper into the local lifestyle and explore some hidden gems around Dubrovnik – at least add some adventure to your Dubrovnik experience by paying a visit to the famous Mount Srđ! The place is incredibly popular amoung tourists, that's true, but it will deifntiely add some excitement to your holiday and will literally let you take a look at the place from different angles.

Srđ rises to a height of 412 meters, overlooking and protecting the picturesque Pearl of the Adriatic. The cable car was opened in 1969 and very soon became one of the symbols of Dubrovnik, regularly delivering tourists to the top. It was destroyed in 1991 during the Croatian War of Inpedendence and reopened in 2010, again, rewarding Dubrovnik's visitors with some stunning views of the city as well as the island of Lokrum. If the weather is fine and the the air is clear, on sunset the view extends further north, over the Elafiti archipelago and a part of the Pelješac penninsula.

Napoleon's army occupied Dubrovnik in 1808, dissolving the independing city state for good. They left their visible mark on the mountain by building Fort Imperial – which successfully served as a military defensive base in 1991 during the siege of Dubrovnik. The fort nowadays houses the Museum of the Homeland War which mostly offers different photographs.

There are several ways to visit this attraction: in terms of social distancing the best way will definitely be to get a mini tour closer to the time of the day when the sun goes down, and when the view is most impressive. Nothing can compare to witnessing the magnificent Adriatic sunset with all the unbelievable colours of the sea, the sun and the charming ancient city. The romantic panorama experience can be followed by a great dinner in one of the most authentic restaurants located in the nearby village of Bosanka. There you will find a typical rustic Croatian tavern, hidden high above the city. There’s a lot to recommend when it comes to local delicacies, but the place is first of all famous for its yummi traditinal peka: one of the oldest and healthiest ways of food preparation. Meat, octopus, potatoes are slowly prepared under a steel bell, covered with hot coals. All you need is fresh homemade bread and a glass of wine to make your perfect evening in Dubrovnik complete!