There are islands with a history and islands with a history. Among all Croatian islands Korčula has an absolutely unique past. Uncover Korčula's fascinating story by visiting its enchanting Old town! Korčula is one of very few islands in the Mediterranean which successfully retains its authentic vibe and this is definitely the reason why it is such a popular place to visit from Dubrovnik.

It's the purity of forms, elegant minimalism and completeness of design which defines the walled Old city of Korčula.

Due to its strategical geographical position, Korčula has always been an area of big interest for various great powers: The Greeks, The Venetians, the Ottomans. That's why the main struggle of the local populations has always been defence. In fact, the whole existence on this beautiful fertile island was based on being prepared and very well organised in case of siege. Korčula became part of the Venetian Empire in 1420, but on several occasions, when the city was attacked by the Ottomans, Venetians were not really that helpful, leaving the citizens of Korčula on their own. It's crucial to mention that the people of Korčula managed to defend themselves bravely behind the thick city walls, bringing some glory to the island. Another important fact to mention is that many believe that the legendary Venetian traveller Marco Polo was born on Korčula. De Polo is till a pretty much common surname here.

Today the famous city of Korčula is a real tourist magnet. The small, fishbone-like historical part is located on a sticking penninsula, right in the oasis of citrus and olive groves as well as beautiful aromatric pine trees. Stari Grad (old city) has totally combined all the charming elements of traditional Mediterranean architecture and is often referred to as „Mini Dubrovnik“. The impressive view over the Pelješac penninsula comes as a nice bonus.

Although taxi boats bring tourists from the continent several times a day, it's never too crowded here. In order to see as much as you can, definitiely go for a land tour Pelješac-Korčula from Dubrovnik – wine tasting on Pelješac is a must on the way back. Renting a speedboat with skipper gives you more freedom in terms of going directly to the island with some nice swim stops on your way. There are also smaller towns and villages dotted around on the island for those looking for a more secluded break.

Enjoying your lunch under the shade of the orange trees right beside the city walls will let you get fully immersed in the Korčula's idyll. Additionally, the one can always treat oneself to a glass of nice white wine Korčula is so famous for.

In conclusion, Korčula is an island with a bewitched charm you don't want to miss. If you enjoy longer speedboat trips, this will be a great day for you: on the way to Korcula you will have a chance to observe all the lovely islands of the Dubrovnik archipelago.