Just like every great touristic magnet Dubrovnik has absolutely fantastic satellite subburbs which are definitely worth a visit! The idyllic Konavle region, situated just half an hour southeast of the Pearl of the Adriatic, used to be the agreecultural heart of the Republic of Dubrovnik for centuries, supplying the city with the most important fresh victuals. This fertile picturesque strip of land occupies the narrow territory between the mountains and the sea and stretches all the way to the neighbouring Montenegro. Konavle is actually a collectivity of several small villages located on both sides of the main Montenegro-bound road.

It's a land of culture, traditions, gastronomy and very relaxed life style with typical stone houses and colourful gardens. Here people still work on land, growing their own organic food products. Traditional dishes are therefore prepared with fresh local fruit, vegetables, cheese and olives. Wine culture is also huge here: grapes are sprinkled all over the rolling hills of the area. Enjoy the rural simplicity and take part of the laid back village life, stroll along cobblestone streets, surrounded by olive groves, dine in small traditional restaurants and attend the famous folklore show in the settlement called Čilipi – it's held every Sunday morning on the the main square. It's one of the most popular attractions for tourists and locals alike in the summer: actually one of just few chances to observe linđo – the local dance, as well as colourful traditional Konavle costumes worn by the dancers.

Konavle is maybe not exactly a beach destination, but it boasts on of the most attractive beaches in the whole Dubrovnik region: Pasjača. It was chosen as one of the 10 European Best Destinations for 2019 by the way. It used to be a real hidden gem, hardly known to any tourists whatsoever, but it has gained significant popularity in the last couple of years. The small beach was created in 1955, after the construction of a tunnel leading to the sea. Not so easy to access though if you have restricted mobility or simply do not enjoy taking steep paths: the one needs to take numerous steps carved into the cliffs to get to the beach, but it's really worth it.

Konavle's only real coastal settlement is called Molunat, an unspoilt bucolic paradise, which produces some of the most beautiful and romantic landscapes ever seen. If you are looking to get away from it all, Molunat and Konavle in general has become a popular kick back location among rural tourism lovers. Escape daily routine and enjoy the magic of nature in one of local villas in amazing surroundings. Accommodation varies greatly: from very simple cuontryside houses to luxurious villas with swimming pools and all the other good things that modern life has to offer. The great hospitality of local people and authentic atmosphere come as a nice bonus.