Fancy a great day in the sun cruising the Adriatic in your very own comfortable speedboat? Just imagine, it's beautiful summer weather and you are enjoying Dubrovnik from the sea with the help of your personal skipper, surrounded by your closest friends or family, with a cold drink in your hand. Dubrovnik's Old townlooks absolutely spectacular when seen by boat: it will give an absolutely different prospective of the place which was built in total harmony with water. Or as an option, you can do the island hopping just outside Dubrovnik in a great travelling company, exploring breathtaking nature and making swim stops in the most spectacular lagunas you will never get to see by yourself! Does anything really sound better?

We have got some great tips and must-haves for all the boat lovers out there so that they can spend an unforgettable day in the sea. Let's get our relaxing and enjoyable sea adventure started! So, how to… speedboat?

In terms of remaining socially distant from others in 2021, renting a speedboat is a great way to explore one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world and treat yourself to a small private tour. But whether you’re going speedboating all the way to the island of Mljet or just take a shorter tour around Dubrovnik city walls for a couple of hours, it’s important to go prepared.

  1. Comfy clothes

There is no need to put on any fancy outfits or high heels even if it's a romantic sunset tour with champagne - just be yourself! Choose some light summer clothes instead, preferrably made of cotton – this will help you feel good even in scorching heat. And don't forget your swimming costume – taking a dip in the crystal clear Adriatic sea is impossible to resist! Bring some extra clothes as well: no one wants to spend an entire day on the boat in soaking wet clothes or swimming costume.

  1. Sunscreen and a hat

The sun can get extremely aggressive out in the sea, so bring a plenty of sunscreen and don't forget to apply a thick layer on your entire body before you actually go out. Once you are out in the water, there is no turning back if you forgot something, and sunburns can be really painful. You’ll absolutely need to reapply sunscreen throughout the day, especially if you are going to be jumping in and out of the water. A hat or any other type of head covering is a must - you don’t want to come back from your boat day feeling dizzy and nausious.

  1. Some food

A nice Mediterranean meal in one of the seafront restaurants – you will totally want to give it a try. Our skipper will be happy to come up with some good suggestions. For this purpose you will need to make a stop on such island as Lopud or Šipan – both are very much loved by locals and visitors alike. But you will definitely want to take something small to munch on during the boat ride. There is a cooler onboard, so feel free to take some snacks and your favourite drinks.

  1. Water toys

The boat day always includes jumping off the boat with your friends and spending time in the water, make sure you don’t forget the water toys. There are some smorkeling masks available on bord, but bring some floaties or other toys if you enjoy swimming with them.

  1. Music

Just in case you might want to create the perfect atmosphere by listgening to the favourite music of yours - bring a a USB drive with your beloved tracks.

  1. Sea sickness medicine

The main essential for everybody who suffers from all types of motion sickness. It can really ruin your day even if the sea is not rough at all. Don't forget to take the pill some half an hour before you actually get on board and bring some medicine with on the speedboat just in case.

Dubrovnik can boast some really lovely islands which can be easily reached within an hour - you can never go wrong with a good speedboat day in Dubrovnik, just plan your day in advance and don't forget all the essentials you might need during your trip. Our skipper will take care of the rest!