Most of us haven't travelled in a long time and haven't been happy because of that for a long time! We've all had a rubbish year, let's be honest, but as summer time gets closer, some actual trends for the season 2021 keep emerging. While 2020 was a real nightmare for those with a passion for travelling, 2021 on the other hand, being still quite intense in terms of staying safe, launched a renewed interest for the good old tourist magnets, including Croatia. Compared to how we used to get away before, many travel enthusiasts find experiencing the world in 2021 unappealing and potentially quite painful. However, numerous PCR tests and other restrictions are not likely to scare away those hungry for shore excursions, beach holidays and sea voyages. The encouraging fact is that, against all odds, many are eager to travel again and are extremely excited to finally pack their things and go. Recent booking data definitely confirm a growing interest for Dubrovnik as an attractive holiday retreat in 2021.

The one cannot be judged for adapting one's habbits a little bit in order to keep up with the popular pandemic trends. Most experienced travellers are rather sensetive to travel routine changes though and have been struggling a lot with these issues. What can you do in order to still enjoy yourself while visiting the Pearl of the Adriatic?

The cultural immersion into the old charm of the iconic Mediterranean city can be started with the Six View of Dubrovnik. In case you are travelling with your family members or closest friends, it's a great option, which is fairly affordable as well. Give this perfect Dubrovnik photo tour a shot – it's a brilliant opportunity for every curious traveller to explore some magnificent panorama spots, you wouldn't be able to do on your own. What can be better than seeing the city from different angles, all in one half day trip. It can be followed by a pleasant stroll on the streets of the Old town or some nice swimming afterwards.

For all sea lovers there is always a bunch of diverse boat trips offered: if you do not really feel attracted by a big group boat tour to the fascinating Elafiti islands, get your very own speedboat and a skipper who will take care of your entire travelling company. Based on individual approach and bouncy trip schedule, renting a speedboat is undoubtedly the leading trend of 2021. Popular speedboat highlights include the Blue cave on the island od Koločep, Šipanska Luka, the perfect sandy beach called Šunj on Lopud and a possibility of visiting the famous Bowa restaurant on the island of Šipan (don't forget to make a reservation beforehand).

Shorter wine tours in the Dubrovnik region have always been of extreme interest. Especially when it comes to Konavle or the Pelješac penninsula, both incredibly reserved and sparsely populated areas, boasting lovely nature and some great traditional wineries. Start planning your itinerary for your next adventure now - we are pleased to offer the most exciting and value-rich options for travellers to discover the authentic beauty of the Dubrovnik area like never before.