Despite the end of the swimming season, November in Dubrovnik tends to be just beautiful! Travelling to Dubrovnik in November will definitely help you to forget that winter is just around the corner. It's no longer the right time to go to the beach though, unless you feel confortabale swimming when the water is around 19-20 degrees, and the days are much shorter than during summer time, but the daily temperature is still very promising and the bright autumn sun brings out the best of the city.

If you visit the city in off season, you will immediately notice that the most under rader attractions can be explored without hords of tourists and scorching heat. November is definitely perfect for culture and heritage, but also for exploring some green spots around Dubrovnik that usually end up being overlooked due to summer heat and predominantly beach life.

For those of you who enjoy taking nice long shady promenades Dubrovnik has got some really great spots to discover! In case you are staying in Dubrvonik itself defintiely check out the Petka Hill located in the Lapad area: a real green oasis in Dubrovnik and a very relaxing place. This wooded park has got some very nice trails with paved and crushed lime stone surfaces right in the middle of the forest, where pine trees dominate. It takes you past an old war bunker and right along the cliff's edge, so make sure you put on good shoes. Incline in some places is quite significant, but there are benches along the way for rest and taking pictures of the lovely Lapad penninsula.

If you prefer strolling along the Adtiatic sea – go for a picturesque path along Babin Kuk. The whole area is foresty and the views are spectacular. There are spots for rest and throwing a nice picknick along the way.

There are even more great hiking destinations outside the city of Dubrovnik. If you have time to go a litle further, take the road to the airport which passes the Konavle region – extremely picturesque agreecultural area which is surrounded by attractive woodland. Recently re-landscaped and bestowed with foot- and cycle-paths, it's an increasingly popular strolling and picknicking venue. The footpath starts in the coastal town of Cavtat and stretches all the way to the village of Radovcici, hidden deep in the heart of Konavle, but you can join and northern tracks from other Konavle villages where the trail passes: Popovici, Komaje, Cilipi and Mocici. Marked paths are easy to follow, spectacular landscape of idyllic forested hillsides and the sea will make your walk so enjoyable! Natural attraction presents some of the most eye-catching scenery in the region. The trail leads to Pasjaca beach – one of the best hidden gems of the whole Dubrovnik Riviera.

For more adventurous Dubrovnik region has got a much challenging trail that will take you to the peak of mount Snjeznica – not the highest mountain in the region but is undoubtably one of the most dramatic. Snjeznica is about 1200 m high. A rocky marked path surrounded by foresty terrain, popular target for hikers. Usually avoided during the hottest months, it becomes extremely popular again in November. All the visitors will be rewarded with some great views of the area as well as plateau Orjen that stretches to the neighbouring Monetengro.