The whole Dubrovnik region is full of surprises. Northwest of Dubrovnik stretches the so called Dubrovačko primorje: the fertile greenish region squeezed between the steep mountains and the sea. Go deeper into the rural hinterland by visting Slano - one of the most popular holiday towns near Dubrovnik which has stolen the heart of many travellers who chose to settle down in this lovely small place for several days.

This area has been inhabited since prehistoric times, with first settlers most likely being the ancient Illyrians, then the Greeks and the Romans came in, before the Slavs started to arrive here starting from the 6th and 7th centuries. In the hills surrounding the village of Slano, there are some Greek and Roman ruins and monuments, with the most prominent being the Roman castrum at the Gradina Hill, and early Christian sarcophagi which are very well preserved and are presented in front of the Franciscan church in the village center. Slano was absorbed by the Dubrovnik Republic in the late 14th century, becoming an important part of it, since it was very close to the salt-producing town of Ston. Slano also served as a seat of Rector of the Republic and a holiday resort of Republic’s nobility.

Being one of the most picturesque places in the Dubrovnik region, Slano is a top choice for those who enjoy walking and hiking: you can make it all the way from the new stylish marina along the dramatic waterfront to hotel Osmine, located in the opposite part from the town. Slano sits on a small bay where the sea is always calm, that's why the town is predominantly known for its beach life and popular watersports like paddle board and kayaking.

The war of 90s affected the settlement horribly: many old and new houses were burned down and destroyed. Local people were displaced and had to live somewhere else – far away from both Slano and Dubrovnik. The Austrian Red Cross renovated the damaged Osmine hotel so that locals at least could have a shelter near their homes.

Nowadays Slano is still important in terms of agreeculture: there is no shortage of olive trees and vineyards here. Local people grow fruit and vegetables. If you happen to be in Dubrovnik in early August – visit Slano on the first Sunday of August to take part in the famous Siđ: an event which is organised on the day of our Lady of the Angels – the patron of the local Slano church. In the past the biggest cattle market in the area was held on this day – now it's more like a typical rural Sunday flea market where people sell all kinds of stuff. But the main attraction on Siđ is defintiely delicious lamb – prepared in the traditional way.

The town is perfect for a short stop with a speed boat on the way to any of the Elafiti islands: a visit to Slano will let you step back in time and rejuvenate the body and mind.