How does it feel - to have the whole Paradise for yourself?

One of the most attractive Croatian islands, located not so far from Dubrovnik, is definitely the mysterious green narrow ribbon of land called Mljet – the island with an attitude. Just close your eyes and imagine the perfect swim in a picturesque lagoon, surrounded by the wild Mediterranean vegetation.

When looking at the pictures of Mljet, the one gets instantly seduced by the lush green landcape of the island's western part. A day in the untouched aromatic Mediterranean forest surrounded by cristal clear blue-green water will bring you so much pleasure and inspiration!

Croatia still boasts some well-kept nature zones and national parks with a wide range of wild life. Mljet is one of them: it has presumed its genuine charm and colourful landscape. The main focus of Mljet – the stunning National Park - occupies the western part of the island. It's mostly recognized by two lovely lakes: Malo jezero (Small Lake) and Veliko jezero (Big Lake). Both lakes have salt water by the way. There are two ways to enter the National Park: Pomena and Polace. Getting a speedboat early in the morning will allow you to arrive there earlier than everybody else and thus have the whole park for yourself for a couple of hours. The trademark of the national park is undisputably St. Mary's island, where the Benedictines established a monastery in the twelfth century.

Despite being an extremely popular place to visit, Mljet still has got plenty of attractive remote lagoons, ideal for travellers looking for truly private spots. The island is quite big and eclectic – so you don't have to stick to the National Park alone! Renting a speedboat gives you a priority to visit some hidden places outside the park, which can be reached by boat alone. The island has such idyllic spots as f.ex. Saplunari - a large picturesque bay located at the eastern tip of the island, perfect for all sandy beach lovers. Blaca beach, also called Limuni, located very close to Saplunari - perfect for a peaceful sunny swim. Not to mention the terrific Ulysses cave - a dream destination for the brave ones! You might also want to pay a visit to old tiny settlements like Kozarica or Govedjari, to enjoy the real Mediterranean laid back lifestyle.

I doesn't really matter whether you've already been to Mljet or it's going to be your first time on the island - the one can never get enough of this fantastic place.