So the basic idea is walking up and down aimlessly. Doesn’t really seem that hard or even that interesting but the Đir in Dubrovnik is a very important part of everyday life.

It’s not really a case of getting from A to B its more of a social activity. The Old City of Dubrovnik has many traditions and customs and the Đir (pronounced gir) is up near the top of the list. It doesn’t particularly matter where you start or where you finish, although there are a few local rules, its only important that you are on the Stradun. The main street that runs like an arrow through the heart of the historic Old City has for centuries been the main meeting place for the citizens of Dubrovnik. Take your time, there’s no rush, feel the laid back lifestyle and most importantly observe your surroundings.

The Đir is an opportunity to meet friends, make new ones and basically socialise, it’s like an ancient version of Facebook. Business deals are done, meetings arranged and handshakes are clutched during the Đir. There is even a story that a lawyer in Dubrovnik never had an office but simply spent his working hours walking and drinking coffee on the Stradun. What better place to find new clients!

So during your holiday in Dubrovnik why not live like a local and take a quick Đir along the Stradun. Don’t worry you won’t be he only ones doing it. The Đir is still part of the fabric of life in the Old City of Dubrovnik.