Once the second most important town in the prosperous Dubrovnik Republic, now a small settlement with just above 2000 people, Ston, together with it's smaller brother Mali Ston, is totally worth a visit! Located just about 60 km north of Dubrovnik, its biggest appeal is hands down the massive defensive system – the 5,5 km long Wall of Ston, also known as the Chinese wall of Europe. This impressive fortress was built in the forteenth century in order to protect the Republic's northern borders as well as the precious saltpans: the salt trade took place all over the region cotributing to Dubrovnik's wealthiness and power at that time.

Although you can actually walk the V-shaped part of the fortress rigth above the town – the wall looks just as fascinating from below.

It tends to be heavily packed and touristy only for a couple of hours in the morning – when big busses make an obligatory stop here on their way to the island of Korcula. Then it becomes quiet and sleepy again. The centre of the town is incredubly cozy and peaceful: with narrow alleys paved with stones and traditional facades.

Ston is, indeed, the city of delicacies: another trademark of the area are oyster beds right in the water of the Mali Ston bay. There are so many highly recommended specialties that you should try, even if you are not really a seafood lover. There are a variety of risottos (the black risotto is the absolute must-eat dish!), oysters, mussels and many other types of molluscs served fresh, grilled or cooked with sauce. Fish menu is also plentiful and won't leave you unsatisfied! For all obsessed meat lovers we surely recommend to go for a local tuna steak – just as mouthwatering as anything else on the menu.

Oysters and seafood are not alone on the list of local foods. Indulge your sweet tooth! Order the most unusual desert in your life - Ston cake which is made of macaroni. Or simply drop by the Ston bakery right on the main street – it's very much loved by people of Dubrovnik as well, since it offers a great variety of yummi pastries that can indeed become a good substitute for a meal.

Thanks to its geographical location – next to Peljesac, famous for its huge wine culture – Ston offers exceptional selection of local wines.

For travellers looking to experience agrotourism, Ston offers a great opportunity to learn how delicios oysters are harvested and how they actually grow, let alone observing the chequerboard of saltpans where the devine grains are still produced. Farming life in the area around Ston is also rich, not to mention colourful vineyards spread all over the area.

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