People visiting Dubrovnik like to visit neighbouring countries, that’s a fact! We have been taking them on wonderful trips in Dubrovnik region since 2007. So when we say people’s favorite tours from Dubrovnik areMostar tour and Montenegro tour we know what we’re talking about :)

Mostar tour from Dubrovnik


Mostar is a city of contrasts, culture, color and cuisine. The city is divided by not only the Neretva River that flows through it but also by religion and culture from one bank to the other. Mostar, in neighboring Bosnia and Herzegovina, is a memorable place to visit is where “east meets west” and where the journey to it is invigoratingly full of contrasts. Just a short drive up the Adriatic coast and then inwards following the breathtaking Neretva Valley will offer stunning views of the local countryside. Here the Neretva River enriches the land bringing to your senses the colors and scents from mandarin and kiwi plantations.

Montenegro tour from Dubrovnik


Montenegro is a small, picturesque country filled with natural beauties. A country in which you can spend the morning hiking in the mountain air and then the afternoon swimming in the clear blue Adriatic Sea, for although Montenegro is a small country it has it all. And it’s not just the natural beauty that will leave you speechless, the history, the culture, the cuisine and the people will all fascinate you, and all this within an hours drive of Dubrovnik.

We would also like to mention a few other destinations which are not as popular as these two but definitely worth visiting. Let’s start with beautiful Island of Kor?ula and Pelješac peninsula.

Two destinations in the Dubrovnik County that spring to mind when one thinks of wine are the Pelješac peninsula and the island of Kor?ula. Picturesque vineyards cling to rocky slopes dotted between the thick Mediterranean vegetation. A short ferry trip brings you to the magical island of Kor?ula and its forbidding walled town. The walled city, birthplace of Marko Polo, was mentioned in the 10th history. Two spectacular destinations that you could visit in one day all combined with exceptional cuisines and fine wines.

Korcula tour from Dubrovnik

Island of Korcula

Why not rent a boat in Dubrovnik and enjoy island hopping?! Elaphite islands boat tour is the perfect for visiting small islands and enjoying the summer in Dubrovnik.

The sheer geographical position of the Elaphite islands offers guests the perfect opportunity to island hop. These untouched islands are a wonder of nature and also provide an experience of true island life, Dalmatian style. Situated to the north-west of Dubrovnik this group of islands is made up of eight islands, the majority of which are uninhabited, and with this full day excursion you will have the opportunity to visit three of them – Kolo?ep, Šipan and Lopud. Take a dip in the crystal clear seas, stroll in the shade of Mediterranean vegetation, explore quaint hamlets or simply indulge your taste buds with local cuisines, the choice is yours.

Elaphite islands boat tour from Dubrovnik

Elaphite Islands

These are just a few places worth visiting while in Dubrovnik. There are many more but we just wanted to give you a few ideas! We hope we’ll see you on one of our tours in future or take you on a boat ride to one of many beautiful islands of The Adriatic Sea!