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kimkim a new travel company based in Palo Alto, California has recommended us as the go-to guided tour of the Elaphite Islands from Dubrovnik in their article, “Unique Ways to Experience Dubrovnik”. Check them out and start planning your trip to Croatia with them here.

The summertime is definitely a perfect time to travel to a destination you never experienced before.The boring winter is finally long gone, the temperatures in this part of the World  are in the high twenties and you feel the summer days are here. It’s the perfect time to take out your summer clothes, leave all of your worries and stress  behind, and finally decide to visit magnificent Dubrovnik. This jet-set city is the best place to be this summer. But only the most experienced travelers know everything about it’s secret gems. They know about the nearby regions, the secret jewels of Dubrovnik region. Not more than an hour away from Dubrovnik- there are little heavens everywhere. And thanks to Adriatic Explore, they are all yours to discover !

This is a perfect solution if you want to avoid the traffic jam and tourist crowds in the Old City;  these beautiful locations  will swap of you of your feet. You will cherish the moments from these trips for the rest of your life. And yes, the world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.

You can read more on Go Dubrovnik Travel & News Portal 🙂

Liza Herlands, recently visited Montenegro with Adriatic Explore. She was fascinated with what she discovered there and she decided to share her experience with Go Dubrovnik Travel & News Portal readers. Today, you will see beautiful Montenegro trough her eyes. She was very fascinated during a walking tour of Kotor. She noticed the famous Montenegrin mountains surrounded with the  white clouds. The guide led the group to another  beautiful walled city, and then he gave them some time to explore it by themselves. Since they had an hour to kill, they all decided to climb up the zig-zaged walls at the mountain. It was a great decision and the view was beyond all expectations.

Everyone was fascinated with the contrast of clay red roofs against the deep emerald of the bay and white buildings matching the shore. The bay was just spectacular. The small houses, the fresh sea breeze and feeling like you’re on the top of the world. Wow! It was an experience of a lifetime.